Dropping Some Pounds

My brother, James, recently lost 50 pounds. It wasn’t sexy and cool the way he did it.   He did it by being consistent, following a balanced approach and he had good reasons (his kids, health and being charged double on a helicopter tour) to lose the weight. There was no overnight fix, magic pill or secret formula.

It took him 8 months and that is the piece that a lot of people do not like to hear. It took him 8 months for this part of his journey, which is a whopping 1.56 pounds a week. The process is long, challenging, has several ups and downs and requires a lot of practice. James now comes in at a svelte 6’7 and 299 pounds.

This is the “secret formula” for James’ fat loss so far:

  • James had a reason to lose the weight. He now has 2 sons. It is important for him to be around, be mobile and functioning as his sons grow up. This goal focused him and kept him on track when it became frustrating. On the days that he wanted the extra ice cream he had an important and deep reason to remain focused on the goal. Sometimes he had the treats but most of the time he said no.
  • The training was manageable. He didn’t brutalize himself in the gym and in this approach he was able to get several workouts in throughout the week. He did mostly weight training with some aerobic based cardio workouts every week.
  • His diet was manageable. He didn’t restrict and punish himself with food and exercise. When it comes to diet, we are inundated by magazine covers, reality shows and propaganda and we often feel that we must avoid all sugar, carbs, gluten, non-organic food, and the list goes on. Just name the latest scapegoat and shivers run down our spines. James still went out to eat; he still had ice cream, burgers, beers, beers, beers and all the other “fun” things he enjoys. The difference was these were just less frequent and in smaller doses. We created a sample “perfect meal plan” and based portion control and meals off of this.
  • He was patient, consistent and weathered the ups and downs.

The long play is the proper play. It just isn’t sexy and trendy….unlike us.


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