Save Your Body and Train Smart

Everybody eventually comes to the conclusion that they have a favorite exercise or type of exercise.  Recently in the last few weeks I observed a couple people.  One is a client and the other is a guy who works out at the J (one of the gyms I train out of).  These people had one thing in common and that it was they were having a bad response to an exercise modality.

The first, my client Joe no longer squats.  When he squats he has pain on the outside of his hip.  We tried adding a few stretches, foam rolling and corrective exercises to see if the problem could be corrected.  Every time Joe would squat his hip and leg hurt – THUS!!! We removed squats from his program.  Rather than squat Joe now only does lunge variations, split squats and rear foot elevated squats.  In the last few weeks without the squat in his program his leg and hip have been feeling better.

The second person is a member of the J and he was a big runner.  The only problem was that his running lead to a lot of knee pain and low back pain.  He was bent on keeping his mileage high and running through it.  His weight training was placed on the back burner and often times neglected entirely.  His body was taking a beating and being broken down.  After we talked for a bit he began taking better care of himself with stretching, soft tissue work, less mileage and smarter weight training.  Soon thereafter his knee and back pain was reduced.

Exercise should help you and make you better.   Don’t force an exercise into your program if it doesn’t make you better.  There is room for all types of exercise but make sure that exercise fits for you.  If an exercise causes pain – don’t do it.  Train intelligently and save your body.

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