Some Real Mickey Mouse Personal Training Part 2

Mickey’s continuation of knowledge begins now…

6) Avoid overload – create turn ons – resist the temptation to overload your audience with too much information and too many objects

Clients have a finite level of self-control and ability to retain extra knowledge.  Explain things as simply as you need to.  I have had some clients who enjoy knowing more so I go into more depth and others who could not care less about why they did certain things.  Use phrasing that your clients will understand.  Unless your name is Dolph Ziggler  – nobody needs to see or hear you showing off.  Know your stuff and cater it towards your clientele.

7) Tell them one story at a time – stick to the story line; good stories are clear logical and consistent.

When programming make sure you have attainable goals and you aren’t trying to do 5 things at once.  Pick 1-2 qualities and improve them.  Trying to solve all of your clients’ problems and goals in one cycle will get you nowhere.  Have a clear plan and figure out what the problems are.  Program (write your story) through one obstacle and solve it.  If your client’s goal is to add 50 pounds to his/her deadlift or to lose 20 pounds you need to pick one storyline and effectively progress towards their goals.

Once you start the search, you don't stop the search.

Once you start the search, you don’t stop the search.

8) Avoid contradiction, maintain identity – details in design or content that contradict one another confuse and audience about your story or the time period it takes place in

This builds off of  #6 and #7 – you need to guide your clients intelligently.  You know more than them and there is no need to carpet-bomb them with information every time you read and learn something.  Provide them with consistent information that will improve their knowledge base for what they need to do.  Find a couple good sources that will reinforce what you teach them but make sure the message is consistent and catered towards what they need.

9) For every ounce of treatment, provide a ton of treat – In our business, Walt Disney said “You can educate people – but don’t tell them you’re doing it! Make it fun!”

It doesn’t become more of a Disney-ism than that. Enjoyment is vital.  Make sure people are enjoying what they do.  Can’t be all fun because you have a job to do however it is easy to determine exercises that clients like.  Ask them and get their input.

10) Keep it up! Maintain it – In a Disney park or resort, everything must work!   Poor maintenance is poor show

Probably the coolest book ever.

Probably the coolest book ever.

Disney puts everything into their products.  They check everything daily.  The parks are structured so that you never see an employee out of place.  Everything works, everything is clean and their top product is always put on display.  Training is no different.  Put your heart into your programming and make sure that each program is the best that it can be.  Everything should work and clients should only receive the best you can give them.  Try to match Disney’s attention to detail and your clients will stay happy.

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