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When training to lose body fat, your training program will probably need a bit of an overhaul.
Focus on eating real food like lean proteins, fruits and vegetables.
Sleeping too little can cause people to eat bigger portions of all foods & increases cravings for junk foods.
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Todd Bumgardner is, in my mind and many top fitness/strength and conditioning minds, one of the top “young guns” in performance coaching.  He is an innovative coach who “creates monsters” out of Ranfone Training Systems.  I wanted to pick is brain and start learning how Todd thinks and coaches people and the information is gold… […]

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What Pro Wrestling Taught Me About Fitness

April 5, 2013
Posted by: Matt Kasee at 7:25 pm

I love professional wrestling. It has everything you could possible want! You have gigantic athletes ad-libbing most of what they are doing and show combines matches, pyrotechnics, monologues, storylines and emotion ALL IN ONE!!!!  That is talent. Pure talent. Professional wrestling was one of the driving forces that pushed me into fitness.  I was always […]

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3 Tips to Overcome Strength Plateau

February 19, 2013
Posted by: Matt Kasee at 7:05 pm

Everybody reaches a strength plateau in his or her programming.  There are several ways to help break through this.  If you are consistently lifting and trying to get stronger every now and then you just need a little tweak to your program.  Here are 3 of my favorite techniques to break through your strength plateaus […]

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